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Welcome to a new spirituality.

We are Pet Psychics
(Through Creative Visualization sometimes).

As the main service here, we use Pet Psychic skills, often through Creative Visualization. We provide the tools for [animal and human] emotional healing. We also offer wide-ranging Pet Psychic Services, like: HOW TO BOND WITH YOUR PET; Animal Psychologist; Compliance issues; Finding a lost pet; Talking with deceased animals; Learn what your pet is thinking; Solve your animal friend's behavioral problems; Referee between more than one pet; Suggestions for diet and exercise; Traveling concerns; “Service animal” issues; What does your pet want to say to you? No question is too big or too small.

Special question: Would you be interested in attending a 2-hour workshop? You can tell your stories of your hero pet(s) and learn more about Creative Visualization. Would you like an opportunity to share your beliefs centered on the ideas of this website in a small group? A nominal charge would be to just cover the use of the room. These one-time workshops would only be available in Columbus, Ohio. Our contact information is under the FEEDBACK TAB. Please announce your interest in a “workshop” in the subject field of your email or in your first spoken sentence of your voicemail.

This website is meant to be a healing tool. Life is difficult.

Fundamentally a perspective does NOT have to be true to offer a new way of thinking/ feeling. So please set aside any disbeliefs just for a moment. You can have everything back if you want after trying on this way of thinking. Available for full refund is the Blame emotion itself for your safekeeping, should you want that hot sticky mess back.

Consider if the superhero in your life's story is/are your pet(s).

Blame is an unspeakable barrier, which can be totally disabling. We learn to incorporate Blame issues at an early age. *[Footnote-1]  Your pet knows your struggles and is there to help you.

One of the greatest blessings you can experience is what we refer to as Emotional Liposuction. Changing your perspective through CREATIVE VISUALIZATION is sometimes all you have to do to gain an advantage. In this case, what we suggest to gain is really to lose: baggage. With reincarnation, Blame can be seen as coming from a PAST LIFE. What if you have no one or few from this life you can Blame life’s difficulties on? Imagine leaving all this baggage behind!  Emotional Liposuction means getting rid of your toxic baggage.

Blame is seen as a way to explain the sequential order of what happened. For example, person 1 hurt person 2. Therefore we say person 2 has person 1 to Blame. The context of this logic is based on assumptions, which are NOT necessary under a belief system like reincarnation. We suggest that you and your pet have lived together in a past life, in some form. It is NOT necessary to believe in past lives to find this healing.

Before any progress can be made in our lives, we need to have ACCEPTANCE of our situations.  There are many paths to Acceptance (the main goal). Letting go of Blame seems pretty necessary to arrive at some form of Acceptance. *[Footnote-2].

Eclectic Psychic

“’Eclectic Psychic’ is a style of extrasensory perception that uses techniques drawn from several different schools of thought. Most metaphysical teachers rigidly adhered to a single style. We have a more flexible approach that allows the mystic facilitator to adapt to each client’s individual needs.

*[Footnote-1] A child may use blame as a survival technique—A child often blames him or herself for problems with their parents. By taking this responsibility, the child might hope to gain a sense of control.

*[Footnote-2] Radical Acceptance is the vehicle of transition between protective thoughts/ reactions AND tolerating emotional distress. We often think of HOLDING our stories of Blame as protecting us from future distress. We suggest the opposite—Let go. Radical Acceptance has its roots in ancient Buddhist philosophy.

Blessings, Dr. Gratitude

                            Welcome to a new spirituality!