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Creative Visualization
: the practice of using thought, imagination, and the power of your mind to change your life.
We are Pet Psychics, Past Life Regression Guides and Life Coaches.

If you are strongly bonded to your pet, odds are you were friends in another life.  Pets are often guardian Angels. Someone who has known you well from another lifetime may have decided to reincarnate as your pet to help you through difficult times. You were never aware of some struggles because your pet was in prevention mode. Our guide will help you get your answers by analyzing the past lives of you and your pets. Your pet is a hero, unselfishly giving up one of his/her lifetimes just to focus on you. You may have done the same for your pet in some capacity in the past.

Creative Visualization: A mental skill to achieve greater meaning for your life.

Dr. Gratitude uses Creative Visualization to attain your personal goals.
Dr. Gratitude is a Practitioner specializing in:
1.) Pet Psychic Services,
2.) Past-Life Regression Healing,
3.) Life Coaching.

All of these services are provided over the phone.

Of course, some people are skeptical of some of our services, and only believe we live one lifetime. There is value for the skeptical too... The stories elicited from past lives serve as marvelous metaphors, which help heal the present.

A psychic is someone with the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses. As Pet Psychic/ Animal Communicator, Dr. Gratitude can communicate clearly with pets, even long-dead ones.
(Our sample list of pet psychic services is on the Philosophy page.)

Healing through Past-Life Regression focuses on the discovery of the ORIGINS of issues, situations and/or JOYFUL reunions. It is also called Client-Centered Research (CCR). CCR is most definitely available to both humans and pets just as clearly.

As a Life Coach, Dr. Gratitude offers advice on professional and personal matters, such as career, health, personal relationships, etc. Your pet will likely play a role here also. (For some examples of Life Coaching resources, you may want to view our Philosophy, Glossary and Quotes pages.)

Here at Pet Life Regression we bypass the whole blame game. We welcome you into the world of ”Emotional Liposuction.” Which means we assist you in letting go of your emotional baggage.

It all makes perfect sense. And your pet has been trying to tell you this all along.

Blessings, Dr. Gratitude

Disclaimer: Although our services are therapeutic, no governmental body has labeled our system to be therapy. It is all too new for that.
Dr. Gratitude Supports

Pleiadian Healing Cards
and the Evolutionary Work of
David Roberts