Manifesting Cards

The Manifesting Cards were developed after the completion of the Advanced Time Cards. They represent the next level in the journey of learning, healing, and evolution taught in the cards. They are used to explore your true desires and (hopefully) help manifesting them into reality.

These cards are a stand-alone set and exercise that is a little different than that of the Beginning or Advanced cards. They can be used alone, or together with up to 7 people to explore and learn about yourself, each other, and your truest desires. The are inteded to assist us all in our learing, healing and evolution, and to form a shared vision of a truly sane and enlightened world we can all share.

They can also be combined with any of the other card sets to expland those learning and healing experiences as well.

Learn more about ways to use these or any of the cards on the Library page.

77 cards + instructions

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