Physical Reality
- A form of memory you may not recognize as memory. A perception you are holding. A trick of light. Information that is being relayed to you. The barrier between what you perceive to be inside yourself verses outside yourself. That which in only on the surface. Something that is not what it appears to be. It is an interesting irony that the experience most people call solid and real is the same one that appears to be tricking us. When you are ready to challenge your perceptions, you will find they do not withstand that challenge. Are you ready to embrace a different way of interpreting? In so doing, would you embrace a different version of reality? Where is your physical body to you in time? Is it something that has already occurred by the time you can even detect it? Is your body a form of memory? Is it pieces of the universe you have rearranged? Stardust? Does that make it a form of light? Do you react to your body? Does it react to you?