- Ways you are managing to sabotage your own happiness in ways you do not see. Ways you are lost in a little picture of reality. Ways you mistake the little picture for the big picture. Beliefs you hold that are not true. Ways you interpret blame, guilt and separateness when in truth, it does not exist. Ways you fear yourself. Who would truly want to harm themselves or those they love? The truth is, no one. Who would knowingly choose the problem in life as the answer to the problem? Again, no one. Yet this is what we have on the Earth. Misguided minds that call themselves our rulers and leaders. The mentality of blame and punish being called justice. The sad-angry-guilty drama of karma repeating its cycle over and over. Does that even sound remotely enlightened to you? Yet billions of equally misguided minds worship these same rules, believe the same misperceptions and condone the same acts. Are you ready to take back your power? To choose a different way of thought and different way of life? To pull the plug on the big giant hurter?