- A very powerful motivational and creative force within you. Part of the essence of your being. A reflection of your innermost self. If you could have anything you want, what would it be? When you try to answer that question, what are your limitations? What are the rules? Would you want something you believe to be impossible? To fly? To undo an event? To recreate something that has been lost? To prevent an accident or injury that has already occurred? To make something happen just by wishing it to be so? To just live and be free? Do you ever experience a conflict of desire? As if one part of you wants one thing while another part wants something different? Can desire become twisted from fear? When your desire becomes to not be afraid or to see other harmed or punished, have you lost touch with true desire? Are there desires we may all share? At the root of experience? To love and be loved? To be free of judgment, blame, fear and all that would mean in our life experiences?