- A version of yourself you will leave behind in order to change or learn. Change coming into your life. Death can also mean a lack of meaning or purpose in your life. Crushed desire. A shattered reality. Feelings of emptiness or loneliness. A missing piece to yourself or your reality. How much of your life revolves around survival? If it were not for the day to day activities that are necessary to say healthy and “alive”, what would you do with your time? What would your life be like if you no longer needed things like food or money? If there were nothing left to fear? If your desire were completely free to choose? Death is also perhaps the ultimate unknown. An enigma. What does it mean to die? Change? Transform? Wake from a dream world? Remember something you may have forgotten? Learn a truth you currently cannot know? Complete a journey? Loose your gaze from a mirror world? Cease to exist?