- A limitation within yourself. A part of yourself who needs to evolve. Ways you may be managing to trick or lie to yourself. Ways you may be hiding from yourself. Ways you are not seeing the whole picture, lost from the awareness this is so and its implications. A mind operating in analogue (two-pole thought), despite traveling through a digital (three-pole) experience. It is an irony in this reality that we cannot help but act on our beliefs, and yet our beliefs cannot be trusted. How many times have you believed something to be true or real, only to find out it was not so? In a world that is not what it appears to be, we form belief in order to try to make sense of it. We fill in the dark piece of reality with our imagination and call it true. How tightly do you cling to your beliefs? What steps are you willing to take in order to keep them in place? Are you willing to embrace other possibilities? Related to Traveler.