Balance - In most any way you think of it, balance is an expression of happiness and health. In general, too much or too little of just about anything turns out to upset our state of balance. In terms of our spiritual evolution, balance becomes a state of being or level of operation. The question becomes, what is it you are trying to balance? It is a two-pole (analogue) equation? Are you trying to find the balance between good and bad? Right and wrong? Positive and negative? God and the Devil? Good luck! Are you ready to move on to the next level of thought? To digital thought and awareness? To leave your blame behind and become aware of the true nature of time? From within the time continuum, everything is structured in three’s. From here, Balance is a three-pole equation. The result when Intention, Attraction and Allowance operate in cooperation, love and understanding. On the card, Balance is exactly this - a reference to the universal laws of existence. Balance is also a game that could be played instead of karma and compete-for-survival. A game of Balance is one of cooperation, sharing, and understanding rather than blame, conflict and fear.