Beginning Time Card Set

This set was intended as an introduction to this work. It contains 55 of the same cards that are also found in the Advanced Time Card set.

It is the fastest and easiest way to begin exchanging this kind of healing energy with yourself, your family and friends. It offers a unique way to look inside yourself and each other, and begin learning about this enlightened perspective. It is simple enough to play even with a child, but yet offers amazing healing experience as well.

As a side benefit, you can also use them just like any tarot deck to ask questions and reveal answers.  In fact, some people like them better because they are very easy to interpret, even if you don't read Tarot.
Try it for yourself. It may surprise you.

This Instructional Video can help get you started. Just remember, there are other ways to use these cards besides this group healing circle. Learn more about other ways to use the cards from the instruction update found on the Library page.

 55 cards + instructions - $15.00 + shipping
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