Advanced Time Card Set

The cards were developed in levels. The Advanced Cards represented the completion of the first level of David's work. This set contains 165 cards and was intended as a companion to David's book Heal Yourself in Time.

Together, the book and cards were intended to guide you towards this enlightened perspective, gain a basic working understanding of your space-time-gravity reality, and reconnect the parts (or versions) of yourself that coexist when you assume the state of being we commonly call the Dimension of Time.

These cards can be used for basic and advanced healing exercises, learning to understand this model of the Time Dimension, and as a side benefit, they work remarkably well when used like tarot or any other similar cards. In fact, some people like them much better because they are very easy to interpret, even if you don't read cards. Try it. You may be surprised.

This instructional video can help you get started using the cards as a group healing exercise, just remember there is much more to using and learning from the cards than just this basic healing exchange. The set comes with a 39-page instruction booklet, and you can also download intruction updates from our Library.

165 Cards and in-depth instructions  
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