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The Mirror Revealed...
Welcome to The Game of Time.

Are you taking the inner journey in life and learning to know yourself?
Are you part of the conscious effort to heal the consciousness of this world?
Do you assist others in their efforts to know or heal themselves?
Are you trying to develop your psychic abilities or tap into your higher awareness?
Do you have an interest in aspects of life that are spiritual or mystical?

Then please keep exploring, this work is here for you.
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What are these cards? Are they a game?

The answer to that is both yes and no.

The cards can be used together with up to 7 people (per circle), so in that way it looks (to an observer) somewhat like a "game". However - you do not "play" with these cards, but rather learn about them, learn about what they teach, and exchange ideas and information. They are unique way of communicating both within yourself, and with those you perceive as others. Their intention was to facilitate communication and understanding between you and the other parts (or versions) of yourself.
  There are many ways to use the cards. Too many to describe in this brief introduction. They can be used with a child to facilitate learning and understanding. They can be used with a theoretical physicist to explore this model for time and the 13 dimensions suggested by this school of thought (videos 2, 3 and 4). They can be used by a psychotherapist to help cure the madness. They can be used alone to learn, explore, heal, and understand the Time dimension in which we all currently reside.  
  The cards were developed by a Light Traveler named David Roberts. More than 10 years of learning and study went into their formation on David's part. They are a gift to this world from the consciousness of many worlds, many lifetimes and many dimensions. There are many beings who are to thank for their existence. Something similar exists on any enlightened world, and they may have existed here long ago. They are here to help us evolve our consciousness and this world to a next level of understanding, cooperation, sharing, forgiveness, healing, balance, joy and love.

There is also a book called Heal Yourself in Time. It is the guide for learning to use and understand the cards for the purpose of spiritual and psychological healing, and for learning to understand the perspective through which they speak.
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For those who respond well, the cards seem to have the ability to reach the subconscious parts of us. They speak from a perspective our other-dimensional parts and versions understand. Those who have learned to use them become guides to assist others in connecting with their own sanity, inner guidance, and other-dimensional selves.

How can this help change the world?

More ways than we can count. One principle (of many) is known in this school of thought as Amplification. Anytime we work together in towards a common goal, we amplify our abilities. Our current paradigm is one of compete-for-survival complicated by the diseased mentality of blame-and-punish. As long as we continue to wish, think and choose that together - that is what we amplity and manifest. When we become capable of wishing, thinking and choosing sanity, sharing, balance, and cooperation, that will become amplified and manifest instead. Such a change would represent a transformation of the human consciousness on this world from a paradigm of madness to one of true sanity and enlightenment. The cards and their healing modality contains a blueprint for choosing and manifesting enlightened consciousness and a sane and enlightened world.

So Please, learn about this game. It is here for all of us to experience. Try it alone. Try it with your children, your family and friends. Visit David or others like him. Tell others about it.

  Heal yourself.

Become enlightened.

Cure the madness within yourself.

Take back your power and manifest your true Desires.

If we can learn cooperation as our paradigm, we can change the world.


We are trying to bring this healing to the world.

You can help by arranging workshop or seminar opportunities in your area.
This would provide a way to experience this form of healing and learning for yourself and others like you.

You can help by asking your local metaphysical bookstore if they carry these Cards.

You can also help by sharing this website with your contacts who might find it of interest.

You can "Like" us on Facebook (I know, but it does help).
Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to date!

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